What is Audubon Adventures?

Audubon Adventures is the name of the major National Audubon Society education program for children grades 4 to 6. It is also the title of the children's newspaper that is distributed to students in the program. Audubon Adventures is a curriculum enhancement program used by classroom teachers and home schoolers. Any public or private school can enroll. The materials are written and developed by professional environmental educators and present basic scientifically accurate facts about birds, wildlife, and their habitats and needs.

What is included in the Audubon Adventures materials? 

Audubon Adventures comes to teachers packaged in a storage container that includes all of the following materials:

Audubon Adventures student newspapers:

 A newspaper about birds, wildlife, and habitats written for students. Five editions are published annually. Four editions are sent in the boxed kit when the class is enrolled, the last one is sent in the spring of the year.

Audubon Adventures Teacher's Resource Manual including:

How to Get Started (program mechanics) Setting up a nature center in your classroom Starting student nature journals Topic overviews (five different topics) Hands-on activities Internet, CD-ROM, book, and video resource directory Naturalist's Glossary

Internet Access: 

Access to National Audubon Society experts via an internet forum.

Audubon Animals Adventures Video: 

A twenty minute video co-produced by National Audubon Society and the Disney Channel.

What does Audubon Adventures cover? 

Some recent topics include wetlands, migration, nature in the neighborhood, and amphibians. Topics change every academic year. The special edition is timed to come out with an Earth Day theme.

Is Audubon Adventures multi-cultural?

Audubon Adventures is available in English and Spanish editions.

How much does Audubon Adventures cost? 

Dayton Audubon Society underwrites the cost of many classrooms in the metropolitan Dayton area every year. If you are interested in Audubon Adventures for your classroom, contact Barbara Keegan (937 /435-0707) or e-mail Tom Schaefer at tschaefer@interaxs.net. We will discuss scholarships with you.

If you are not in the metropolitan Dayton, Ohio area, call the Audubon Adventures participant toll-free hotline for local information: 800 /813-5037.

Additional information can be found at National Audubon Society's Audubon Adventures.